clear eyes

she’s different and herself
her heart upon her sleeve
though up upon a shelf
sincere without a beer
with eyes so truly clear
a gift to lend an ear
religion plays a part
she knew it from the start
alike some sculptured art

people, places, things
she loves unlike another
those eyes which are so clear
can crop and frame a tear
one can always leer
but not this lady here

there’s that smile
you see it for a mile
as a child on a slide
yet unaware of pride

from driving to biking to hiking
to suddenly she’s gone
tea, ice-cream and song
I hear she may visit
perhaps it won’t be long
so we’ll see what’s next
perhaps she’ll read this text
and find where she belongs

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I see you on the south ship shore
your shadow flicks beneath my door
your footsteps in our corridor

a figure on the waters’ edge
right beyond this eight foot hedge
I hear the voice and think it’s you
as names reveal I am untrue

in the bobbing heads down town
through the makeup of a clown
the closing of a subway door
I want this even now some more

the hand flat upon my back
in the silhouettes of dark
a tree among a local woods
footprints in the snow
the shape of resting blankets
I’d say it’s time you know
as strangers pass you by
this is how you feel because it’s time to say goodbye

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I let my dreams into the river way back when
I poured them out
you poured them in
although it’s fair to say
let’s face it
I was far less guarded back then
full of unthinking love
the kind that shoots out like a gun
unafraid or unaware of all the things to come

I’ve let my shield down
it’s been down a while
I can barely see it now
it’s back about a mile
so here’s to me and here’s to you
let’s touch hips and lips anew
let’s touch those times when we said no
and melt them with our thawing snow
I see you on the waters’ edge
this river has a fresh new dredge
my dreams are there to pour back in
I’ll pour them out
you pour them in

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open those eyes of yours

stop living now
you clearly don’t know how
cut your throat with a knife
go and end your life

life goes on without you
this planet doesn’t pause
when you’re gone and people say so long
your singing stops and yet the song continues on

there’s help out there if you need it
there’s air out there and you can breath it
there’s cotton candy clouds above
and people lighting lamps of loves

so don’t say you’re un-help-able
cause that just makes you culpable
and selfish as they come
that’s air inside your lung

breath it out and know you’re not alone
sing your song and talk your telephone
you’re a one-armed man digging your own grave
you’re an angel-heart trying to misbehave

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things take time

born into a world where countries got new names
and fun times were tiny boxes called video games
you came from back in black and white
with your pigeons and the wireless
England was a world away
where cars were made
and money earned
and tumblers laid
and you had your hit parade

communication wasn’t good
we looked away from eyes
as swiftly in came lies
our family wasn’t close
frozen glances rang untrue
and red-ish hearts turned blue

surprisingly behind it all was love
it shadowed our every move above
mixed feelings crossed our time
as milk became wine
and a grave came between us
and yet I leaned the truth
you loved us all along
in time we all forget the pain
the sun is always lurking just behind the rain

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not quite feeling it

I know you now you start a new
whispering in shadows blue
tell me how of pain you bring
when darkness comes and takes you in

invisible cloak you can’t escape
you dare not call its name
for speaking aloud about such things
you somehow get the blame
ridiculed and wondered at
in the place you call your home
alive in some ways dead
you often end alone

but you must know that there is hope
some baby in a crèche
with eyes so clear and blue sincere
they dare not love you less

a lamp upon a hill
a light off down the road
these fields you pass repeat, but still
let down your heavy load

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