stop living now
you clearly don’t know how
cut your throat with this knife
and go and end your life

cause life goes on without you
this planet has no pause
when you cease and people say so long
your singing stops and yet the song continues on

there’s help out there if you need it
there’s air out there and you can breath it
there’s cotton candy clouds above
and people lighting lamps of loves

so don’t say you’re un-help-able
cause that just makes you culpable
and selfish as they come
after all that’s air inside your lung

breath it out and know you’re not alone
sing your song and talk your telephone
you’re a one-armed man digging your own grave
you’re an angel heart trying to misbehave

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A world apart

I was born into a world where countries got new names
where fun times were tiny boxes called video games
you came from back in black and white
with pigeons and your wireless
England was a world away
where cars were made
and money earned
and tumblers laid
and you had your hit parade

communication wasn’t great
we looked obscurely away from eyes
as lies crept swiftly in
into a family that wasn’t close
as frozen glances rang untrue
and red-ish purple hearts turned blue

but behind the lies was always love
it hid behind those dirty clouds above
mixed feelings crossed our time
as bottled milk became wine
and a grave came between us
and yet given all that I leaned the truth
you loved us all along
after expressing I can forget the pain
the sun is always lurking right behind the rain

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I know you now you start some new
whisperings of shadows blue
tell me how of pain they bring
when darkness comes and takes you in
invisible cape you can’t escape
you dare not call its name
for speaking aloud about such things
you somehow take the blame

ridiculed and wondered at
a place you call your home
alive but somehow always dead
you often end alone

but you must know that there is hope
some baby in a crèche
with eyes so clear and blue sincere
they dare not love you less

a lamp upon a hill
a light off down the road
these fields you pass repeat, but still,
let down your heavy load

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Granny’s looking down
when you go to town
merry on your way
morning, night and day

everything you do
every board you creak
all utters and all murmurs
all moments of your week

and if ya hit the bottle
Granny sees that too
she sees the bright and happy
and the dark and blue

all colours in your chart
all facets of your heart
all verses in your song
no distance is too long

she’s out there with your babies
somewhere we can’t see
just know that they are safe
both huddled at her knee

and when you shed those tears
for what seems like hours
the pining and the longing
she says ‘that makes you ours’

I know you are down right now
Granny knows it too
she looks and always listens
Granny watches you

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Don’t give away what you don’t have

a shattered dream some whiskey in the press
red shoes, her jacket, her favourite dress
her polka dot smile
those moments last a while
not my mother, not my brother
I myself am not no other
those dark grey pants
her woman’s dance
a shot, a dream, a missed romance
the sword, the dagger or the lance

give away those who’ve gone
just a chorus isn’t wrong
it almost last a summer long
now it’s time to end this thing
cause in the end you can’t push on
until you leave what’s come along
your history lesson says it’s wrong?
come now, dear, won’t be long

there’s water all around
in the air and on the ground
in the mountains and the ponds
in the city and the sea
plenty fish have settled here
many shoals have passed along
in the writing of your song
journey’s pass some linger long
cast away and start anew
cause in the end it’s up to you

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I sense the shadows
see the bright
I often peer on dark and light
remember your swirling pillow hair
see this face
notice the rapid graveyard race

life moves along
playin’ an old song
everything is wrong sitting at this table

eye colours change
her smile is different
an old pane gets dusted
an eyebrow lifted

pour your drinks away
the memory of you is feeling fray
I get this funny feeling tomorrow is today

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