A few days at Williamstadt

Amazing and surprising, the house is a collection. New to me, un-new to them. Courtyard, sky and garden. A cock appears, a hen. Two kittens in the shed; brand new, confused and curious. Ready to develop. Evening brings the spinning spokes. The bike ride before the barbecue. This lough springs out of nowhere like a kingfisher at an ornithology gathering.

Where am I on the map? I wander to the meaninglessness of the familiar city. Is it that I want to get done what’s taking up space? Filling my head with too much. To start fresh a life unknowable to the known. Which way now? Chicken’s almost ready, supper’s almost done. The young are new the old are young.

The clock above the fireplace rings a soft, shocking clang, not unlike a vine climbing its way around my head in comfort. We’re surrounded by special effects. The TV is pushing shapes and sounds. An old horror movie I love but am ignoring. Food smells greatly to wanting noses as the fire flickers and glows. The flames move with the room. This floor was brushed with a broom.

My thinking moves. My bus awaits on the other side of darkness. Power-hosing, painting, the panting of the lung. The chicken has been eaten, supper’s almost gone.

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Some win; some lose

It’s always made me crazy that the easier a technology is to spell, the more successful it seems to be. Regardless of having the better picture, I guess plasma had 3 too many letters.

Source: anonymous former plasma TV engineer.

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Schindler’s List reviewed

It might be said that for a high-budget director such as Spielberg to use black and white was a gutsy move, except for the fact that once seemingly committed to the black-and-white screen, Spielberg loses his nerve, apparently losing his faith in the audience, and part-way through the film resorts to colorizing the overcoat of a young girl as the camera follows her lonely journey through the Krakow ghetto during its evacuation. Later, we see the same colorized coat on the girl’s small corpse, being carried away. For Spielberg to utilize such a trick in attempting to steer the audience’s emotions betrays both an insecurity about his subject, and a cynicism about how audiences will react to it.

There’s cynicism and then there’s a cynic.

Source: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n3p-7_Raven.html

Beautiful url.

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Poem - here and there

why does the body die
we all know there’s more
I love you and you loved me
and now you’re looking down
I see the door

I see you in the forest on our walk
centuries of trees all talk
I see your face in memory
beauty is the enemy

love for you is crystal clear
no words spoken yet you hear

time waits for no man
I wait for you
send your bottled message
and I will follow through

'cause I know you know I know
you got me where I float
I’m out on seas and rivers
swimming by your fishing boat

I’ve seen you by the brook
the subtleties were there
a glance, a glint, a look
a fraction of your hair

the movement of your hands
the pursing of your lips
the time we spent together
the moulding of your hips

and now alone without you
and you are God knows where
please somehow try and hear me
I’m here and you are there

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iOS 7 multitasking

One of the reasons I’m stubbornly sticking with iOS 6, besides the needlessly slow animations on iOS 7, is the multitasking method. The new method is worse for me. I have a problem with the interface.

I don’t need to see a screenshot of my apps when switching between them. I’d far prefer, like iOS 6, a more mechanised approach to switching apps. I like the way the scrolling for more apps is paginated, always predictable and never free-wheeling on iOS 6. Every side swipe reveals another 4 apps. Every time. It’s a much more get-it-done interface.

Not once running the old method do I ever pass by the app I want to open, but on iOS 7 for me that happens constantly (I’m an ex-dev). Yes, iOS 7 multitasking gives better demo, but it is less efficient visually, physically, psychologically and hardware-resource wise.

In the words of Veruca Salt: I want an Oompa Loompa now!

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If Apple releases a TV expect it to pan out like this

They file trademarks for ‘iTV’ in random countries like Jamaica days prior to announcement.

iTV product event happens.

iTV UK sue.

Apple settles with iTV UK for lots of money.

Upon private agreement Apple keeps using the name.

iTV, though not the first “smart” TV is the only good one, with: millions of software developers, stunning hardware, superior software experience, integrated content and services with unparalleled simplicity and support.

Within a few years Google releases a similar TV.

Everyone on every forum everywhere who laughed every time someone one suggest Apple will build a TV proclaims they knew this was enviable all along.

Rumours of ‘iCar’ begin to circulate.

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